Osteria Scvnazz, the only traditional Apulian osteria in Giovinazzo (BA), was born out of the desire to recreate the authenticity, warmth, smells and flavours that enveloped us upon entering our grandmother's house - the atmosphere that has accompanied us since childhood and that we associate with our dearest family memories: Christmas lunches, Easter lunches and simple Sunday family lunches.

Lunches and dinners at Osteria Scvnazz are not merely a meal, but a sensory experience and a trip into the past: and what could be better than exchanging old anecdotes and stories sitting around the table, accompanied by good food and good wine?

We bring all our experience and passion to the careful preparation of traditional dishes from Giovinazzo and the Bari region - a homely cuisine whose secret ingredients are love and patience.

We look forward to receiving you at our restaurant in via Fossato 50/52, Giovinazzo, thirty metres from the promenade that leads to the famous "Giovinazzo boardwalk".

On weekends we are open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Mondays.
To book, contact us on: 

080 4117926 o al 331 4734606


A perfect mix of passion, art and fantasy in our poetry-worthy venue. Traditional local dishes, revisited by our highly qualified chefs who are ready to give you the best flavours and smells of an all-Italian cuisine. Come and discover it in our restaurant to taste only the best of Puglia in a truly extraordinary location! Click here!


A magical place full of history, art and legends that will accompany you throughout your stay in one of the most fascinating and beautiful villages of Italy... ideal for a romantic break where you can escape from routine to completely immerse yourself in a another reality made of traditions and love for the environment...


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  • Friday 12:00-14:30 19:00-23:30
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  • Sunday 12:00-14:30 19:00-23:30

summer time

  • Monday 12.00-14.30 19.00-00.00
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  • Tiedda (tiella alla barese)

    Tiedda (or tijedda), also called tiella alla barese, is a traditional Apulian recipe based on potatoes, rice and mussels layered in a terracotta dish (the "tiedda") and cooked in the oven. This dish is said to have inspired the Spaniards in making the "paella"

  • Stuffed octopus and squid

    Stuffed octopus and squid

    This dish is based on octopus and squid (which we stock from trusted fishermen), whose size and freshness are fundamental to the success of the recipe. Octopus and squid are stuffed with a tasty filling of egg, breadcrumbs, cheese and parsley.

  • Mussel frittata Giovinazzo

    Mussel frittata

    The mussel frittata is a tasty and nutritious dish, but not everyone knows how to cook it properly! Ours is 3 to 4 cm thick and in the preparation we only use fresh local eggs and mussels. You can eat it as a main course preceded by a starter or make a meal of it all on its own. Ideal for lovers of strong flavours.

  • The calzone

    The Apulian calzone is a closed rustic savoury tart, of which there are many variations. We prepare ours stuffed with sponsali (a large spring onion), olives from Bari and tuna. Here in Puglia this is a typical Lenten dish, in particular of Good Friday, as it is based on fish.

  • favette e cicoria a Giovinazzo (BA)

    Favetta e cicoria

    Favetta e chicoria is a simple dish of 'poor' Apulian cuisine composed of a puree of dried broad beans and wild chicory, blanched and seasoned with excellent Apulian EVO oil. To make it even tastier, we revisited the original recipe, adding garlic and fried breadcrumbs.

  • The Sunday dish

    On Saturday evening at the Osteria Scvnazz we have already begun to prepare 'il piatto della domenica' (the Sunday dish), the classic Apulian Sunday lunch cooked by mothers and grandmothers: fresh orecchiette pasta with meat ragú and a roulade of meat stuffed with lard, garlic, parsley and pepper.

  • Lamb tripe

    Tripe (called trippe in Bari) is a typical dish of Bari's gastronomic tradition. The name may suggest a heavy dish, but on the contrary: it is a dish rich in proteins and low in fats and carbohydrates. Try it in our different variants: with sauce, with beans or with vegetables and potatoes.

  • Ciambotto alla Giovinazzese

    Ciambotto alla Giovinazzese is a traditional fish soup made with small fish and so considered 'poor', despite being extremely rich in flavor. The ciambotto is prepared with slipper lobster, cod, sea bream, goby, monkfish, redfish, etc. and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, parsley and pepper.

  • Zuppa di pesce

    The base of our fish soup is made with garlic, oil, white wine and fresh cherry tomatoes. The fish used are: slipper lobster, gurnard, ray, monkfish, fresh squid, musky octopus, prawns and shrimps, redfish and mussels. A dish full of the flavour and colour of our tradition.

  • Foglie al pesto di rucola

    The name of the dish derives from the shape of the fresh pasta reminiscent of olive leaves (the 'foglie'), typical of Puglia, seasoned with fresh rocket pesto mixed with almonds, extra virgin olive oil and cheese. Available as a vegan dish or with the addition of capocollo from Martina Franca.

  • Tagliolini alla barchetta

    This first course 'alla varchicedde' (boat-style) is prepared with fresh handmade tagliolini pasta, sauteed with rock fish (musky octopus, shrimp, prawns, mussels and squid) caught from the boats, hence the traditional name. Seasoned with cherry tomatoes, oil, parsley and pepper

  • Orecchiette con ceci

    A dish with ancient origins composed of handmade toasted wheat orecchiette, sauteed with chickpeas flavoured with piquant extra virgin olive oil, lardo di colonnata and basil. A strong flavour that takes you back in time to the peasant tradition of the Giovinazzese countryside.

  • Zuppa di cicale

    The langoustine soup is a simple dish, but rich in flavor, made with fresh langoustine, sauteed with garlic, oil, white wine and cherry tomatoes. Our version of "cicale alla pezza" seals in all the flavour of the langoustines by covering them with a damp linen / cotton cloth during cooking.



At Osteria Scvnazz we pay particular attention to the quality and freshness of the ingredients. This is why the products we use to prepare our dishes are selected with care and according to seasonality: here you will find typical seasonal Apulian vegetables and fresh fish straight from our coastline.

The choice of a short supply chain using local products is dictated not only by the desire to respect the Apulian culinary tradition (in particular that of the Bari and Giovinazzo area), but it is also a way to support the development of our territory by investing in small local entrepreneurs


Our restaurant is often a destination for tourists and international travellers and we like to take responsibility for representing Apulian and Bari cuisine to the world, considering it our contribution to making this enchanting corner of Italy and its culture as well-known as possible through its traditions of food and wine.

Passion, love and attention to every little detail have allowed us to expand our delicacies also abroad; to promote the flavours and traditions that most distinguish us worldwide!

Among the most popular dishes you will find rice, a stew of musky octopus, langoustines 'alla pezza', mussel frittata and many other specialities!

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